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8:00 am – Breakfast

Breakfast and Networking Session

9:00 am – Welcome

Welcome to the UnSummit: An Unconference-style (and Unboring) Agenda

•  Umair Khan (Founding Partner, Mentors Fund)

9:15 am – Investor Keynote

Funding Innovation for All Creatures Great and Small

• A Fireside Chat with Maarten Goossens (Founding Partner, Anterra Capital)
• Adnan Lawai (CEO, Folio3)

9:50 am – Morning Keynote

Production Animal Management in the Digital Age

•  Allen Moczygemba (CEO, American Angus Association)

10:15 am – Panel I

The Digital Transformation of Animal Production

• Cliff Smith (CEO, GlobalVetLink)
• Sara Reardon (General Manager, Angus Media)
• Matthew Rooda (CEO, SwineTech)
• Umer Adnan (CEO, Cowlar)
• Rodrigo Carranza (Head of Marketing, LATAM at Boehringer Ingelheim)
• Clint Mefford (Director of Communications, American Angus Association)

11:15 am – Panel II

Pets and Pet Care in the Age of AI

• Dr Robert Hof (Head of Global Digital, Boehringer Ingelheim)
• Tom Cavuto (Head of IT, PetVet Care Centers)
• Lori Torrell (Associate Director, Merck)
• Hilary Jensen (CEO, Obe)
• Kes Gasiunas (Sr. Marketing Manager, Zoetis USA)
• Amit Singhal (Director, Digital Transformation, Hills Pet Nutrition)
• Imran Haque (Former Head of eCommerce and Digital Strategy, Zoetis)

12:00 pm – Lunch Roundtables Session

Roundtables Session During Lunch

Each roundtable is an “un-conference style” discussion group that will be moderated by an industry lead and a startup/tech lead, around a table of 8-10 discussants:
  1.  AI/Machine Learning and Animal Care
  2.  Vet Clinic of the Future
  3.  Data vs Privacy in Animal Health
  4.  IOT in [Animal] Practice
  5.  Pet Care Goes Digital
  6.  Animal Farm 2.0
  7.  Biotech: Beast Mode Activated
  8.  Traceability and Blockchain
  9. Food Lab: Innovations in Animal Nutrition


1:30 pm – Panel III

Traceability Goes Tech & Biotech

• Gary Rodrigue (Blockchain WW IBM Food Trust Leader)
• Muhammad Abdullah (Head, Folio3 Animal Care)
• Wade Small (President of Livestock, Agri Beef)
• Allen Moczygemba (CEO, American Angus Association)
• Yashin Manraj (CEO, 3Rein)
• Umair Khan (Founding Partner, Mentors Fund)

2:30 pm – Panel IV

Startup Showdown: Animal Startups Pitch Tech Investors Startups

• Pawprint: headed by Emily Dong, puts pet medical records on your smartphone
• Petronics: led by Dave Cohen, makes MOUSR, a robot toy to keep your cats happy and agile
• SwineTech: founded by CEO Matthew Rooda, on a mission to eliminate piglet crushing
• Accessible Diagnostic: Co-founded by John Warner, offers Vet-Tab, painless glucose test system for diabetic dog
• Obe:  Cofounded by Hilary Jensen, makes smart pet products for cats and dogs

• Clint Chao (Partner, Moment Ventures), Hang Li (Partner, Mentors Fund), Calvin Chin (Partner, E14 Ventures); Hasan Rizvi (Partner, Mentors Fund), James Carroll (VP Global Strategic Partnerships, Covetrus)

• Sebastien Lafon (Former Global Head of Digital and Marketing Services, Merial/BI)

3:40 pm – Innovator Keynote

Build something People LOVE: Innovation Lessons from Guitar Hero

• Charles Huang (Co-creator of Guitar Hero)

4:20 pm – Closing Remarks

4:30 pm till 6:00 pm – Evening Reception

Drinks Reception and Networking