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8:00 AM – Breakfast

Breakfast and Networking Session

9:00 AM – Welcome

Welcome to Digital Animal Summit: Mission, Community, Agenda

  • Umair Khan, DAS Advisory Council

9:15 AM – Investor Keynote

Venturing into Animal Tech

A Fireside Chat with venture investors exploring what’s hot and what’s not in animal tech investments

Session Lead:

  • Imran Haque, Former Head of eCommerce & Digital Strategy, Zoetis

10:10 AM – Panel I & Campus Crawl I

Panel I: Safety First

Leaders from the production animal world and the alternative meats industries discuss the present and future of Food Safety, Traceability, and Biosecurity.

Session Leads:

  • Allen Moczygemba, Former CEO, American Angus Association
  • M. Abdullah, Head – Folio3 Animal Care Practice

11:10 AM – Panel II & Campus Crawl II

Panel II: Meet the (Pet) Parents

A look at the new breed of pet owner and what shifting consumer preferences mean for small animal vets and Big Pharmas.

Session Leads:

  • Hillary Jensen, CEO, ObeDog
  • James Carroll, VP Global Strategic Partnerships, Covetrus

12:00 PM – Lunch Roundtables Session

Roundtables Session During Lunch

Each roundtable is an “un-conference style” discussion group that will be moderated by an industry lead and a startup/tech lead, around a table of 8-10 discussants.
  • Game of Drones: Meet the cowboy drones who will track, move, count, and manage cattle.
  • The Beef Between Alt Meat & Real Meat: Can plant-based “meat” eat real meat’s lunch?
  • “Brought to you by Blockchain”: Will Blockchain deliver us Farm to Fork traceability?
  • iOT Goes Country: Sensors, AI, and IOT find their way into animal farms.
  • Animal Farming Goes Digital: The hottest production animal innovations coming your way
  • How to Cage Surveillance Capitalism: Can we get value from Big Data without trampling Privacy.
  • Pet Care Goes Digital: The hottest pet care products and services you have not seen (yet).
  • Pets.AI: From robot pets to robots for pets, how AI is changing the lives of pets and those who love them
  • The Future is Female: The rise and rise of women vets and its implications for pet care
  • Meet the New Pet Parents:  Catering to the demands of Millennial and Gen-Z pet owners.
  • Vet Clinic of the Future: The growing role of technology in veterinary practice management.
  • Through a Glass Remotely: The promises and pitfalls of Telehealth in animal care

2:30 PM – Startup Showdown

Animal Startups vs Venture Sharks

Session Lead:

  • Sebastien Lafon, Former Head of Digital, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Judges (To Be Decided)

3:40 PM – Innovator Keynote

20/20 Vision on Animal Tech

A Fireside Chat with Animal Tech Innovators that will explore the potential, promises, and pitfalls of Animal tech

Session Lead:

  • Michael Lairmore, Dean UC Davis – School of Veterinary Medicine

4:20 PM – Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks and Acknowledgments

A Fireside Chat with venture investors exploring what’s hot and what’s not in animal tech investments

4:30 PM – Evening Reception

Drinks Reception & Networking

7:00 PM – Dinner Roundtables Across Berkeley

Continue the lunch conversation or join a new discussion while enjoying the vibrant Berkeley Food scene by joining one of many “self-organized dinner roundtables”