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Digital Animal Summit 2020

On Tuesday, December 8th, the animal care industry’s biggest influencers, entrepreneurs, investors, executives, professors, and veterinary students all gathered online to be a part of the Digital Animal Summit 2020. Over 270 industry professionals attended the summit to explore how the digital revolution has affected animal care, production, and management, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Facilitated by Platinum Sponsor, Folio3 Animal Care Practice, DAS 2020 was a thriving success with entrepreneurs and industry leaders who underscored the significance of the digital revolution, and how it transformed the animal industry from animal production and management to animal care.

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DAS 2020 – Opening Keynote

DAS 2020 – Panel I: Large Animal Discussion

DAS 2020 – Founders Fireside

DAS 2020 – Conference Keynote

DAS 2020 – Panel II: Small Animal Discussion

DAS 2020 – DASTalk

DAS 2020 – Startup Showcase

Digital Animal Summit 2020 Virtual Meetup