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Digital Animal Summit 2021-Videos


Digital Animal Summit 2021

On Tuesday, December 7th, entrepreneurs, investors, professors, veterinary students, and influencers from the AgTech industry all logged in to come together and become a part of the most anticipated digital event of the year, the Digital Animal Summit 2021. With Folio3 AgTech Practice as the Platinum Sponsor and an impressive digital attendance of industry leaders and professionals, DAS 2021 became a booming success. Industry giants, entrepreneurs, and influencers spoke of how the digital revolution has transformed the AgTech industry and how digitization is fast becoming a need more than a want. 


Exceptional speakers. Actionable tactics. Instantly.

DAS 2021 – Innovator Keynote

DAS 2021 – Startup Showcase

DAS 2021 – Panel 2 : Digitally Yours

DAS 2021 – Panel 1: High Demand, Low Supply

DAS 2021 – Investor Keynote

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