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Digital Animal Summit 2020 – Agenda



Tuesday, December 08, 2020, 9am PST (All times below are in Pacific Standard Time)

9:00 AM – Opening Remarks

Welcome to DAS 2020

9:10 AM – Opening Keynote: “A Fireside Chat with Dean Michael Lairmore & Kerryann Kocher”

Two industry luminaries discuss the state of the animal health industry: the most promising research areas; innovations shaping the industry; advancements in genetics and precision livestock; applications of AI across Animaltech; Covid19 headwinds and tailwinds for production animal management and companion animal care; and the future that awaits young veterinarians and animal scientists.


  • Michael Dale Lairmore (Dean, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine)
  • Kerryann Kocher (Chief Executive Officer, Vytelle)


  • Hilary Jensen (Founder, Obe)

9:40 AM – Panel I: Large Animal Discussion

  • Vision 2021: The Impact of Covid19 on the Future of the Production Animal Industry

Four leaders from the production animal industry answer questions on the year that was and the year ahead: how did Covid19 impact business in 2020? What were the lessons learned? What were some of the challenges of moving to a remote workforce? What are some predictions for the industry in the new year? What are the key opportunities for technology and innovation in 2021?


  • Muhammad Abdullah (Head of Animal Health, Folio3)


  • Jens Kjaer (Sen. Associate Director Integrated Health Management – Swine, Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • Rodrigo Carranza (Director of Market Access- Head of Farm Certifications Unit, Diamond V)
  • Lesa Eidman (Vice President of Sales, Superior Farms)
  • Corey White (Director of Technology, Cactus Feeders)

10:15 AM – Conference Keynote: “A Conversation with Dr. Junaid Bajwa, Microsoft’s Chief Medical Scientist”

This keynote fireside will spotlight Junaid Bajwa, Microsoft’s Chief Medical Scientist, his work as a digital innovator in the world of human health, and elicit lessons for innovation challenges and opportunities in the animal health industry.  The conversation will also cover the paradox of digital acceleration amid the current pandemic, how large companies instill a culture of innovation, and the most promising (and terrifying) new technologies shaping human society in the coming years.

  • Speaker: Junaid Bajwa (Chief Medical Scientist, Microsoft; Former Global Head of Alliances, Merck)
  • Moderator: Umair Khan (Visiting Professor, UC Berkeley)

10:50 AM – Panel II: Small Animal Discussion

  • Innovation in Pet Care – How both large organizations and startups are addressing innovation

Leaders from the companion animal care industry will discuss the innovation opportunities and challenges within their organizations. Hear from both big company innovators and animal tech entrepreneurs as they share their digital innovation journeys.


  • Imran Haque (CEO, Sabii Digital)


  • Kes (Kestutis) Gasiunas (Marketing Director, Pumpkin Petcare)
  • Lisa Tamayo (Co-Founder & CEO, Scollar)
  • Heath Wilkes (Head of U.S. Digital Health, Boehringer Ingelheim)

11:20 AM – Startup Showcase

Four ambitious animal-tech startups showcase their ambitions to three veteran VCs.


  • Sebastien Lafon (Former VP, Boehringer Ingelheim)


  • Matthew Divack (Senior Associate, Moment Ventures)
  • Adnan Lawai (Mentors Fund, Folio3)
  • Amy Coveny (Managing Partner, Quake Capital)

Participating Startups:

  • Scollar
  • Adoptimize
  • Vet Guardian
  • Breedr

12:00 PM – Breakout Workshops

  • Pet Care Goes Digital: The hottest companion animal care products and services you have not seen (yet)


  1. Danny O’Brien (Founder, Idea 2 Scale)
  2. Benjamin Seidman (Co-Founder, Mella Pet Care)
  • Recruitment and Career Management in the Digital Age


  1. Allen Moczegymba (Former CEO, American Angus Association)
  2. Stacy Purcell (Founder, CEO & President, The VET Recruiter)
  3. Jimmy Paulakuhn (Managing Director, Kincannon & Reed)
  • IoT Goes Country: Sensors, AI, and IoT find their way into animal farms


  1. Heiner Lehr (CEO, Faromatics)
  2. Kristof Nagy (Founder & CEO, Serket)
  3. Dileep Sharma (Marketing Consultant, Serket)
  • Feed for Thought: Digital Disruption in the Animal Feed Industry


  1. Ben Holland (Director of Research and Operations Analysis, Cactus Feeders)
  2. Padraig Hennessy (CEO, Terra NutriTECH)
  • Future of (Vet) Work


  1. Lisa Hu (Co-Founder & CEO, Roo)
  2. Li Hang (Partner, Mentors Fund)

12:30 PM – DASTalk: “How a Vet Student’s Digital Revolution Rescued the World’s Loneliest Elephant”

Recent UIUC Vet Med graduate, Samar Khan recounts how her digital movement and Four Paw’s animal welfare veterinarians helped  Kaavan go from being the world’s loneliest elephant to the luckiest and most celebrated one.

  • Speaker: Dr. Samar Khan (DVM, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Veterinarian, Camden Pet Hospital)
  • Moderator: Megan Berry (Founder, by Reveal & Partner, Mentors Fund)

12:45 PM – Closing Keynote:
Founders Fireside – “A Tale of Two Startups”

Mentors Fund Partner, Megan Berry interviews Lisa Hu of Roo and Matt Rooda of Swine Technologies, two successful innovators transforming the world of small animal and large animal care, respectively. The fireside conversation will focus on their entrepreneurial journeys, their missions and plans for global domination, and their take on what lies ahead for their industries.


  • Lisa Hu (Co-Founder & CEO, Roo)
  • Matthew Rooda (Founder & CEO, SwineTech)


  •  Megan Berry (Founder, by Reveal & Partner, Mentors Fund)

1:15 PM – Closing Remarks

1:30 PM – “Social Hour” Breakouts 

Network with your fellow attendees in these “Social Hour”  breakouts. Share (a) something not on your Linkedin Profile, (b) a silver lining from 2020, and (c) something you wish to see at DAS2021.