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Accessible Diagnostics

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Accessible Diagnostics

A Leader in Broadly Available, Smartphone, Colorimetric, At-Home Health Monitors

  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • 10-20
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Accessible Diagnostics is a leader in broadly available, smartphone, at-home health monitoring to help keep your family healthy. Their first product is a painless glucose test system that allows users to determine their blood glucose levels without lancing to draw blood.

Life-Tab is the human version designed to serve the over 775 million diabetics or pre-diabetics worldwide, three quarters of whom live in developing countries. They have begun the regulatory clearance process, which we anticipate completing in 2020.

Vet-Tab is the veterinary version designed for beloved family members, diabetic dogs. Sales began in November 2018. Regulatory clearance is not required. Many owners consider pets family members and are willing to pay out-of-pocket for vet care. In the United States, about a million pets are diagnosed with diabetes under veterinarian care. The Company believes there are similar-sized markets on Europe and India where Accessible Diagnostics has partners.

Life-Tab and Vet-Tab are built on the same technology platform. Here’s how Vet-Tab works.

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