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As humans gathered last week around dinner tables to give thanks, pets too may have much to give thanks for. Especially pets belonging to Millennials. It seems that what’s good for the parent is also good for the pet

First, Tech products seem to be migrating down from the owners to their pets: from pet wearables, to websites that find nearby pet sitters, to telemedicine apps.

Then on the food side, pet owners are increasing putting their pets on the same shirt as themselves. So watch out for Keto kitties and intermittently fasting Fido’s.

Finally, pet parents are increasingly open to alternative therapies for their pets – from aromatherapy to reflexology to hemp-based relief.

WThe animal startup space is starting to heat up. On the heels of successful exits (Whistle acquired by Mars) and ginormous fundings (Wag and Rover leading the pack), a spate of young startups is using technology to transform traditional animal care.

The Digital Animal Summit’s Startup Club is teaming with new ideas and entrepreneurs. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Pawprint, headed by Emily Dong, puts pet medical records on your smartphone;
  • Petronics, led by Dave Cohen, makes MOUSR, a robot toy to keep your cats happy and agile;
  • Swinetech and CEO Matthew Rooda, are on a mission to eliminate piglet crushing;
  • Accessible Diagnostic, co-founded by John Warner, offers Vet-Tab, painless glucose test system for diabetic dogs;
  • Cowlar, led by Umer Adnan, supplied dairy farmers fit-bits for cows
  • Obe, started by Hilary Jensen, makes smart food bowls that prevent overfeeding

Fostering these mission-driven innovators are Ag-tech and Animal-tech investors like Anterra Capital (based out of Boston and Netherlands) and Leap Venture Studios (based out of Oregon), who are leading investments in this space ahead of Silicon Valley firms.

We are excited to meet these trail-blazing entrepreneurs and farsighted investors at Digital Animal Summit 2019. We hope you can join us.


Eric Shank


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