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This smartphone lets you painlessly monitor your diabetic dog’s blood glucose at-home

Painless Blood Glucose Monitoring for Pets

This smartphone lets you painlessly monitor your diabetic dog’s blood glucose at-home

Sixty percent of us consider our dogs family members. We’ll spend a lot to keep our family healthy. That’s especially true for those of us whose human children are grown and gone.

When our dear friend is diagnosed with diabetes, many of us are very anxious about how to keep our dog healthy and safe. When the veterinarian tells us we’ll have to lance our dog in the lip to draw blood to keep its glucose in a safe range, many of us can’t do it. Instead, we take our dog to the animal hospital to have its blood glucose monitored, which is expensive and inconvenient.

Accessible Diagnostics is a leader in broadly accessible, smartphone, colorimetric, at-home health monitoring to keep your family healthy. Our first product is a painless dog glucose monitor. Our platform uses a smartphone app to analyze a colorimetric test to detect the presence of glucose in the dog’s saliva and then reports the corresponding blood glucose. If you choose, test data is communicated to your veterinarian through an online dashboard. A system of automated encouragement, reminder and educational messages keeps you engaged in monitoring your family member’s health.

With our dog diabetes tracking solution on the market, we’re focusing on our core social mission of making at-home health monitoring for the entire family broadly available. Next up is a human painless glucose monitor, followed soon by other human healthy lifestyle monitors.

Intrigued? We love to explore how to collaborate with you.


John Warner

Accessible Diagnostics

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